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It’s a Dog’s Job


Purchase your copy of It’s A Dog’s Job today and receive free shipping within Australia (normally $5). Woof woof!


You get to feel good too because $2 from each copy sold will be donated to Assistance Dogs Australia. Thank you for your support.

Free Good Karma With Every Purchase


‘We thank Steve for his support of Assistance Dogs Australia. I hope that he convinces consultants to be more like dogs by loving clients more than they love themselves!’

Richard Lord, Top Dog, Assistance Dogs Australia





It’s A Dog’s Job (But Someone’s Got To Do It)

Author : Steve Lennon

Published by : Captain Honey

Publication date : 1 June 2014

Number of pages : 92 pages, two colour

Dimensions : 210mm x 210mm

ISBN : 978-0-9874260-5-5


‘This book will only be of interest if you have been a consultant, retained one, or been impacted (for better or worse) by a consultant’s recommendations. In other words, this book will be of interest to everyone!’

Scott Walters, Head of Strategic Partnerships, The Smith Family

‘I’ve long believed we can apply nature’s wisdom in our business world. Steve’s canny thinking and mad-dog style has created a fun story packed with ideas that will help clients and consultants get better outcomes together.’

Graham Cuckow, Director, Outcome Consulting Pty Ltd

‘It’s rare to be taken inside the mind and operations of both the ‘consulting dog’ and it’s ‘client owner’ with such clarity, truth and humour. ‘Top Dog’ Lennon does it brilliantly.’

Aveline Clarke, Founder & Director, Reignite Talent