Barking mad about It’s A Dog’s Job


Being a dog owner, I have always thought the life of a dog would be pretty awesome. After reading this book, I’m not so sure!’

— Michael Ebeid,
Managing Director, Special Broadcasting Corporation (SBS)

‘A very clever and funny account of life as a management consultant and true servant leadership. I’ve asked myself many times in my career, am I really cut out to be a dog? I laughed, smiled and cried my way through your familiar tale and know that it’s the dog’s job for me! I hope this book brings comfort, clarity and a good chuckle to those who need it.’

— Diana Coelho,
Principal, Leadership Consulting, 
Heidrick & Struggles

‘I’ve been both dog and owner – consultant and entrepreneur – starting and running my own businesses. As an ex–McKinsey & Company consultant, I could really relate to the story, which should be mandatory reading in business schools around the world!’

— Rob Fitzpatrick,
Technologist and Business-Builder

‘Steve Lennon’s metaphorical story of dogs and their owners had me in stitches right from the start. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to describe the complex relationships between consultants and their clients. Beware, this book is highly infectious!’

— Jerome Parisse-Brassens,
Writer, Coach, and Senior Dog

‘Who would have thought that dogs would make a book about consulting interesting, let alone funny. Steve shares a wealth of experience that cuts straight to the bone.’

— Mal Jago,
Business Designer
‘We all have mongrel days – some persevere with mongrel careers-paths! Steve’s whimsical and insightful story relating his working life with a proverbial “dog’s life” is a delightful tale. He challenges you to step out of the pack and track down your calling … “To be the owner or to be the dog?” That is the question. I give It’s A Dog’s Job a ca-nine out of ten, plus a bone-us point for uniqueness and a true reflection of the business world.’

— Russell Newman,
Founder & Managing Director, Duet Consulting Pty Ltd

‘I’ve long believed we can apply nature’s wisdom in our business world. Steve’s canny thinking and mad-dog style has created a fun story packed with ideas that will help clients and consultants get better outcomes together.’

— Graham Cuckow,
Director, Outcome Consulting Pty Ltd

‘This delightful read teaches much – a charming yet rich analogy used to share a lifetime of hard-won insights from a very wise (not that old) dog. Steve knows the consulting inner game from every imaginable angle and whether you are a consultant or client you’ll learn a new trick or two.’

— Dean Economou,
Senior Technology Executive

‘This book will only be of interest if you have been a consultant, retained one, or been impacted (for better or worse) by a consultant’s recommendations. In other words, this book will be of interest to everyone!’

— Scott Walters,
Former Dog Handler and (briefly) Dog
It’s A Dog’s Job is a very entertaining study that demystifies the strange world of consultancy and consultants. The owner/dog analogy is not only hilarious but makes this unique world understandable and accessible. This is a great read for anyone wanting to understand the dynamic interactions that occur when organisations and consultants are brought together.’

— Paul Byrne,
Senior Manager, Public Sector, Australia

‘It’s A Dog’s Job imaginatively communicates 
all the qualities that the Author brings to the world on a daily basis – insightful, creative and cool! This is a must have educational tool for 
all upcoming Management Consultants to have 
in their collection.’

— Ricci Piper,
Strategic Designer, Arup

‘Almost 10 years ago, Steve took me under 
his wing showed me a few of his consulting “tricks”, some of which you will find in this book. 
Through his generous coaching and mentoring 
I grew – much more than I knew at the time. 
Thanks Lenno. You’re a truly great dog.’

— Jenifer Finucane,
Independent Senior Communications Professional